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About MyPrem

Everyone of us dreams about a beautiful wedding and an ideal life partner. Since childhood, every girl dreams of a prince charming which she thinks she will meet someday. And every guy has his own image of a girl whom he wants to get married to.

Everyday there’s some hope that now I will meet someone who will come into my life and change everything. In a similar way, are you searching for your soulmate, but have not found the one? Well, you don’t need to worry because that someone special is looking for you too! At MyPrem we make this possible by helping you find each other.

Marriage is a beautiful journey where two imperfect people come together to form a perfect life. Right from the time when a girl, a boy comes of age, parents, family members, start searching for a life partner of suitable criteria and values. Which we at MyPrem helps you find one. MyPrem is an Online Matrimonial Site that helps you to find your dream life partner. Proper criteria, utmost privacy, and safety are provided by MyPrem. Hence, you don’t need to worry. Because we at MyPrem make the entire process easy and safe for you.

Many successful marriages have happened through my MyPrem. The growing number of successful marriages through MyPrem is proof that you can surely find the life partner which you desire. This matrimonial site brings closer the profiles of people with similar interests and values.

We at MyPrem understand that how challenging it is to meet your soulmate with whom you share your common goals, interests. Hence, we provide you with profiles of a diverse group of individuals. MyPrem provides profiles of Indians from all over the world for perfect matchmaking experience. Parents, singles, people of different religions, and ages can find a match in a safe and secure manner.

We work as a team and help you through the entire process. Once you upload your details, we ensure that all your information is secured and protected. No matter where you are, MyPrem will help you find your desired soulmate from a place of your own choice. Finding a life partner from a place of your own choice has never been easier. MyPrem makes it possible. MyPrem has earned the trust of thousands of people, who have successfully found their soulmate. Hence, just sit back and relax, MyPrem is your destination for searching for your desired life partner.

What We Provide:

  • Suitable Matches
  • Verified Profiles
  • 100% Privacy
  • Hassle-free browsing
  • Easy chats and interaction option
  • Chemistry- and Compatibility-Oriented Search

Our USPs:

  • We extend full control to our registered users on the portal. They can freely search, filter, contact and interact with potential partners in a highly secured environment.
  • There are exclusive privacy options on our portal including 100% screening, photo protection features, verification of phone numbers and other details.
  • Features of personalised settings on the portal greatly enhance the comfort level, convenience and user experience of our customers.
  • We believe in optimizing the matrimonial services for our clients by continually innovating as per the recent trends and needs.
  • Our portal’s smart mechanism brings closer the profiles of couples that share similar interests, values, and lifestyle.
  • We have an amazing track record of giving our hundreds of customers the initiation towards a successful marriage.

This is how you can send messages for free to your matches.

  • Login to your profile and go to "Chat" link.
  • Click on any of the profiles that appear in the list of your matches.
  • Click send message button and write and send a message.

*Please note, this chat is not an instant messenger, so receiving reply may take time.